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    Coffee, Omotesando

    Omotesando Koffee

    Now permanently closed. Secluded in a back street of Omotesando, this beautiful coffee space has a cult following. The shop is hidden in a traditional Japanese house, set back behind a lovely green…

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    Eating, Shimokitazawa


    Shirube is a bit of an institution in Shimokitazawa and is certainly our favorite place to take visitors! It’s a wonderfully bustling izakaya (or pub) hidden down a back street. Inside, you’ll…

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    Coffee, Shimokitazawa

    Bear Pond Espresso

    Amongst the streets of vintage stores north of Shimokitazawa station, you’ll find Bear Pond Espresso for an incredible coffee. After two decades in New York, the owner Katsu-san returned to Tokyo, set up shop and pulls the…

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    Harajuku, Sights

    Kawaii Monster Cafe

    Designed to overload the senses, the Kawaii Monster Cafe is a whimsical world created to capture the spirit of Harajuku’s unique fashion and culture. Sit surrounded by macaroons and unicorns, and order from a menu of rainbow foods and…

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    Drinking, Shibuya

    Karaoke Kan

    Most people head to karaoke (カラオケ) after a big night out to indulge in a few hours of out-of-tune singing. There are plenty of karaoke places around Tokyo where you can rent…

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    Drinking, Shinjuku

    Golden Gai

    It would be impossible to describe all the different bars in the Golden Gai area, simply because there are hundreds! This series of small laneways sits to the east of Shinjuku and…

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    Drinking, Shibuya

    JB’s Record Bar

    Hidden in a basement in Shibuya, this bar is totally lined with vinyl records in a warm and relaxed atmosphere. The wonderful owner knows where each and every album is located and…

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    Chains, Eating, Shinjuku

    Ichiran Ramen

    Easily one of my favorite ramens in Tokyo, Ichiran is a chain of restaurants serving ramen in the Tonkotsu (pork bone broth) style. This location is one of their busiest and often…

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    Daikanyama, Shops


    I’ve visited a lot of bookstores in my life, but this Tsutaya is easily my favorite on the planet. This sprawling space in Daikanyama consists of three buildings and has more books…