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  • ashleigh-leech-someform-roastery-by-nozy-harajuku-tokyo-japan
    Coffee, Harajuku

    The Roastery by Nozy Coffee

    This single-origin coffee roaster is set back off the shopping thoroughfare Cat Street in Harajuku. Passing by the outdoor seating, you arrive at a dark interior with exposed wood and industrial fittings. A central…

  • ashleigh-leech-someform-owl-cafe-village-tokyo-japan-01
    Harajuku, Sights

    Owl Village Harajuku

    Owl Village opened in Harajuku at the end of last year and is home to seven curious owls. It’s a small and peaceful space divided in two, separating the cafe from the…

  • TG9A3899-BLEND-1-2
    Harajuku, Sights

    Kawaii Monster Cafe

    Designed to overload the senses, the Kawaii Monster Cafe is a whimsical world created to capture the spirit of Harajuku’s unique fashion and culture. Sit surrounded by macaroons and unicorns, and order from a menu of rainbow foods and…