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Setagaya Ward

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    Coffee, Shimokitazawa

    Frankie Melbourne Espresso

    In the heart of Shimokitazawa you’ll find Frankie Melbourne Espresso, a tiny slice of Australia in Tokyo. They are serving some seriously amazing coffee and delicious breakfast dishes, such as poached eggs with…

  • ashleigh-leech-someform-brick-lane-setagaya-tokyo-japan
    Coffee, Setagaya Ward

    Brick Lane

    Brick Lane in Setagaya is another new discovery for us, they have lovely coffee and a menu of scones; cheese ones, chocolate ones, jam ones, matcha ones.. all delicious! Opened just last year,…

  • ashleigh-leech-someform-couki-tantanmen-tokyo
    Eating, Kyodo


    Ramen is a staple dish I’ve always liked, but only recently truly loved. We’re surrounded by literally hundreds of options in our neighborhood and it’s overwhelming. We’ve slowly been exploring and trying to educate…

  • ashleigh-leech-someform-shirube-shimokitazawa-tokyo-japan
    Eating, Shimokitazawa


    Shirube is a bit of an institution in Shimokitazawa and is certainly our favorite place to take visitors! It’s a wonderfully bustling izakaya (or pub) hidden down a back street. Inside, you’ll…

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    Coffee, Shimokitazawa

    Bear Pond Espresso

    Amongst the streets of vintage stores north of Shimokitazawa station, you’ll find Bear Pond Espresso for an incredible coffee. After two decades in New York, the owner Katsu-san returned to Tokyo, set up shop and pulls the…