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    Aoyama, Daikanyama, Eating

    Maisen Aoyama

    Maisen is famous for having some of the best tonkatsu in Tokyo; breaded and deep-fried pork cutlet. They have many locations around Japan, but this flagship location is inside an old bath-house…

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    Eating, Shibuya

    Pizza Slice

    Even from the outside Pizza Slice looks like a building straight out of downtown Manhattan. I found it incredible, staring agape at the large glass windows, subway tile and letter grade sign. Inside it…

  • ashleigh-leech-someform-in-roppongi-mori-art-museum-tokyo-tower
    Eating, Roppongi

    The Sun and the Moon

    The Sun and The Moon is a lovely cafe and restaurant located in the Mori Art Museum. It’s on the 52nd floor in the Roppongi Hills building. Enjoy this incredible view over Tokyo with a glass of…

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    Eating, Kyodo


    Ramen is a staple dish I’ve always liked, but only recently truly loved. We’re surrounded by literally hundreds of options in our neighborhood and it’s overwhelming. We’ve slowly been exploring and trying to educate…

  • ashleigh-leech-someform-shirube-shimokitazawa-tokyo-japan
    Eating, Shimokitazawa


    Shirube is a bit of an institution in Shimokitazawa and is certainly our favorite place to take visitors! It’s a wonderfully bustling izakaya (or pub) hidden down a back street. Inside, you’ll…

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    Chains, Eating, Shinjuku

    Ichiran Ramen

    Easily one of my favorite ramens in Tokyo, Ichiran is a chain of restaurants serving ramen in the Tonkotsu (pork bone broth) style. This location is one of their busiest and often…